Dr. Carol Robin, Thought Leader

Dr.CarolRobin-Head-shot-350x400As a holistic practitioner I treat the whole person; body, heart, mind and spirit, and I will give you the time, attention and innovative expertise to get to the source of your issues.

I bring to our work the tools of extensive personal and professional training, 35 years of professional experience, deep intuition, creativity, compassion and humor to help people find health, happiness, peace and freedom. I invite you to share in the experience and skills that I have gained on my path, as well as the wisdom of both ancient and modern teachings to help you on your own unique healing journey.

My services include my unique Subtle Body Alignment energy/bodywork technique, Intuitive EFT and meridian tapping, guided imagery, energy medicine and energy healing, and nutritional counseling. My multi-faceted approach, addressing body, heart, mind and spirit will gently help you on your way to wellness and honor your own individual healing process. Whether you have physical health issues, emotional or energetic issues or old traumas to release I can help you discover and follow the path that is right for you. Read More about Dr. Carol Robin here

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