. . . The Nature of Energy   Processing emotions and flowing with seasonal changes is an integral component to living an optimally healthy, balanced, and purposeful life. The purpose of this article is to discuss the subtle… Read More


Interview with Dr. Alex Joannou & Dr. Rosie Ross

UWHA! and UBCF Thought Leader, Dr. Darren Weissman interviews Dr. Alex Joannou & Dr. Rosie Ross regarding the Lifeline Technique. Both Doctors have achieved great results on a personal level and bring the Lifeline Technique into their own medical practices…. Read More


Interview with Gizella Nagy

“Never stop believing in yourself, in the power you have.” Gizzy Nagy Dr. Darren Weissman sits down with Gizella “Gizzy” Nagy.  In 2006, Gizzy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Gizzy always thought of herself as healthy, so when… Read More

Interview with Barb Warren

In August, 2010, Barb received the shocking news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Barb was managing a multitude of stressors and had become run-down, “burning the candle at both ends.”.  Barb immediately turned to Louise Hay… Read More