Our History

United Women’s Health Alliance! (UWHA!) is a sister project of the United Breast Cancer Foundation. UWHA! was conceived on a late summer afternoon as Stephanie and Beth, two dear friends, walked the serene paths of Caumsett State Park on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island. On that fateful afternoon, while contemplating a rather dark and frightening, personal, life-alternating situation, Stephanie and Beth had a co-creative and collaborative ah-ha! moment under the shelter of the mighty oaks. What if they could offer all women, regardless of “condition”, a pathway for restorative, graceful, fulfilling, whole-body, whole-heart, whole-spirit living? Right there and then, a precious seed was planted. Today, like the phoenix rising from the ashes and the mighty oak from the seed, here we stand in gratitude and transformation as the United Women’s Health Alliance!

Our Mission

United Women’s Health Alliance! (UWHA!) empowers Every WomanTM to embrace their True Nature; cultivating prosperity, intuition and a genuine relationship with self through a variety of mental and physical practices. UWHA! encourages women to draw from techniques both ancient and modern, to assist with prevention, treatment and recovery creating a harmonious balance between herself, family and community. Women can turn to UWHA! as a resource for renewal of mind, body and soul.